St Giles House photographed during a wedding reception by Camilla Arnhold romantic film wedding photogragraphy

Wedding Timings Advice

Wedding Timings Advice

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding you’re probably wondering how much time you need to allocate for you photography. I have put together this guide full of wedding timings advice to help you plan your day and leave enough time to create some beautiful photographs. It’s really important to plan photography into your timeline. This ensures that your photographer is able to do their job without being rushed.


Bride on the morning of her wedding at Stansted House


45 mins before you leave for service

Try to be ready and dressed. This will give us plenty of time to create some beautiful portraits of yourself with your bridal party and family members. Also, making sure that you are ready ahead of time will help keep the atmosphere calm and avoid you feeling stressed and rushed.


Wedding timings advice for group photos


Group photos after ceremony

Please allow 20-30 minutes for these as they take time to organise. I usually recommend keeping these photographs limited to immediate family so they don’t eat into your reception time. I will always bring a list with me and ask you to allocate some helpers to assist me in rounding up the required family members. It’s my aim to get these done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to mingling with your guests. 


Wedding timings advice for couple photos during wedding reception at Chiddingstone Castle


Couple Portraits

I recommend allocating 30-40 minutes during the reception and an extra 10-15 during the evening for some gorgeous golden hour photos.Before this photo session I will have already scouted some great locations which will save lots of time.
During these photos I will get you chatting and walking to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. If needed I will step in to pose you in ordered to get you looking your best. I usually shoot you couple portraits on film which is a slower, more considered medium that digital. I find this helps create calm and intimate photographs which are tender and full of light.


Relaxed bridal party photograph at St Giles House Dorset


Photos with bridesmaids and ushers

It’s much more relaxed and fun to do these during your reception. Please allocate about 10-15mins and make sure your bridal party know they will be required for photos.
These photos will be slightly less formal that the family ones and I will get everyone interacting and laughing. This creates relaxed and natural photographs for you to look back on and smile.


Wedding breakfast set up in the library at St Giles House Dorset



About 2hrs will allow me lots of time to capture your guests mingling, bridal party, details (such as your wedding breakfast set up) and your couple portraits.
If you have a wedding planner I will communicate with them so that I photograph the dinner set up at exactly the right moment. This is usually just as the candles are lit and the room is ready to welcome you and your guests.


Fun group photo of girls during wedding reception at St Giles House


I have photographed over 200 weddings in my career so I know a thing or two about the running of a wedding day. If you need any wedding timings advice please feel free to get in touch.