Bride and bridesmaids walking up path to church wedding

Wedding Ceremony Photography

The moment is here, you’re getting out of the car and about to walk down the aisle but there are a couple of things you can do beforehand to ensure I am able to capture your wedding ceremony photography as well as possible.


Wedding ceremony photography during wedding service in church



Find out the rules on wedding ceremony photography. Talk to your vicar when you book the church to find out if photography is allowed during the ceremony. If it is, he/she will probably have some rules so find out what these are and if you are happy with them. Often photographers won’t be allowed to shoot from the front, use flash or take any photos during the vows.
If your vicar is particularly strict I’m happy to contact them to introduce myself and explain how I work. I love images taken from the front of the church and will always capture the ceremony unobtrusively, never using flash and move around as discreetly as possible.


Bride walking into wedding ceremony escorted by her father at Chiddingstone Castle wedding


Walk Slowly

I know you’re dying to get married but take your time walking down the aisle, this allows your guests plenty of time to admire your dress, it allows you to savour the moment and it allows me to capture all those nervous smiles and your stunning entrance.
Also, try to spread out your bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle as it’s incredibly hard to get good pictures of them if they are in a group. Then leave a good amount of space before you walk down the aisle so I can concentrate on you and the first time your eyes meet.
Don’t forget to smile!


Bride and groom sharing a first look before wedding ceremony in Chichester Cathedral


Winter Weddings

If you’re getting married in the winter months it can be tricky to get photos of the two of you in natural light later in the day.
A ‘First Look’ is a modern and lovely trend where you meet up before the ceremony for your photos. It’s a beautiful and intimate time, not for everyone but perhaps something to consider and discuss with me.


Bride and groom having first kiss at Boxgrove Priory wedding


First Kiss

When it come to your first kiss make it a nice long one. Don’t just give each other a peck, a really romantic smooch will look best on camera and get your guests applauding!


Bride and groom walking through confetti smiling after wedding ceremony photography at Chiddingstone church


Get as much confetti as possible, more is more! The type with big papery fluttery bits is best. 
A confetti tunnel is the most fun and best for photos. I can arrange this with my allocated photo helpers.
Walk slowly through your confetti and enjoy the moment!


Wedding party laughing during church wedding ceremony


Smile and enjoy your wedding ceremony! Soak it all up because it flies by so quickly!

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