bridal party standing on a dusty path for group photo

Wedding Group Photos

One of the questions I am often asked is ‘how long do we need for wedding group photos?’. Here is some useful information on wedding group photos and how to plan them into your day.

bride with bridesmaids on the steps of Stansted House

When Shall We Do Them?

I recommend doing your group photos straight after the ceremony. This is when everyone is present and wondering what to do next. I have photographed over 200 weddings in my career so I know a thing or two about how to organise efficient group photos. In the run up to the wedding I will have asked you for your list of wedding group photos. I will bring lots of copies of this list with me. I will also ask you to allocate some helpers from each side of the family. They will assist me in rounding up all the relevant family members.

bridal party wedding group photos on the steps of St Giles House

Can We Do Our Group Photos During The Reception?

Group photos can take place during the reception, however in my experience these take up much more time as guests tend to scatter once at the reception.The reception is your time to relax and enjoy mingling with your guests. It always feels like such a shame when I have to interrupt conversations to organise family photos. I recommend doing your bridal party photos during the reception when everyone is nice and relaxed. More on that later!

bride and groom with parents at wedding

How Many Group Photos Can We Have?

I ask my couples to keep their group shots to a minimum of 10 combinations which are usually, parents, immediate family, extended family, bridal party. Of course, some families are larger and more extended and I can always cater for these in the group photos.


groom with ushers posing for a casual wedding group photo
Bridal Party Photos

I love to make photos with your bridesmaids and ushers a bit more relaxed so recommend doing these during the reception. You will be walking, laughing and chatting for these more natural photos with your best friends. The group photos I have printed from my own wedding are the ones with my bridal party and I love how they are less formal than our family photos.


I hope this information on wedding group photos has been useful. I am always on hand for my couples in the run up to the wedding to help with any questions they may have.