Wedding photography on film at Waddesdon manor

Why Choose A Film Wedding Photographer?

There is a tangible soul to film photography which gives images a flattering, romantic and dreamlike quality.

Wedding details in blue and white captured on film

I am a film wedding photographer and I’m often asked ‘what is film photography and what makes it so special?’ To answer this question I am going to explain how film images are made and what makes them so perfect for wedding photography.

Film is not video! I have to get that out of the way first as the two are often mixed up (understandably!). Film photography is the art of capturing light on a roll of negative, just like when you were a kid!

I use a mixture of film and digital photography at weddings, but I do favour film wherever possible. The medium of film photography allows me to treat each photograph as a work of art.
Each photograph I take carefully curated and considered. Film allows me to slow down the process of shooting and really think about the composition, light and posing of the image. Rather than firing off hundreds of digital frame, each film frame is special and unique.
In my mind, each imagine I capture is already in a frame on your wall or in a beautiful album. They are family heirlooms to be shared to friends and passed down the generations.

Romantic wedding couple

I love film photography because if it’s soft, dreamy and romantic aesthetic.

Not only is film photography incredibly flattering. There is also a soulful, and luminous quality to film photographs and a beautiful grain and texture which makes the images come alive. Film captures light like no other medium and that light shines out of the image.

In a digital world where everything is so disposable, film allows me to create something real and authentic. With every click of the shutter there is a chemical reaction happening within my camera which is so much more magical than digital code.

Wedding photography is all about memories. I think that film photographs bring back the memory of the moment but also the emotions, textures, scent and atmosphere too. This is why I love to use film for wedding photographs.

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