wedding guests laughing and clapping during speeches

5 Tips For Beautiful Wedding Speech Photography

The speeches are one of my favourite parts of a wedding day. So many emotions and so many happy faces to photograph! But you might be wondering if there is anything you can do to get the most beautiful wedding speech photography. Here are five ways to ensure gorgeous photographs which capture every chuckle and happy tear.


Groom giving speech to bride on wedding day

Table Decoration

When planning table decorations do bear in mind that your photographer will need to see your faces during the speeches in order to capture your reactions. I would recommend avoiding large floral displays right in front of the bride and groom. If you have would love lots of flowers around your top table why not put a floral display behind you? This would create a beautiful backdrop for your photos.
The same goes for table name signs and wine bottles! If I spot something in the way during the speeches I will usually subtly move it to give me the best access to all of the emotions unfolding.



black and white photo of wedding speech photography


Top Table

My favourite type of table to photograph is a long banqueting table with everyone sat on one side facing the guests. I love this layout because when a speech is being delivered everyone along the table turns to look at the person speaking making for the most lovely natural photographs. It also allows you to enjoy the speeches close up and see all of your friend’s and family’s reactions.



Guests laughing during wedding speeches


Room Layout

When I’m photographing the speeches I move around the room unobtrusively. If there is some space in between the tables it means I’m able to capture more angles of the speaker and audience without standing in one position for too long.



Guests smiling listening to wedding speech


Background and Lighting

It’s always tempting to place your top table in front of a window as you would think this would help your photographer by providing lots of light. Actually this makes photographing the top table harder as the subjects will be silhouetted against the light. The best position is facing a window or with light coming in from the side.
A nice clean background makes for the best wedding speech photographs. Try to avoid anything distracting that you wouldn’t want in your photographs such as signage or speakers.


Wedding guests smiling and clapping during speeches

Involve your audience

The best speeches always have a bit of audience participation. I love photographing these as I’m always surrounded by smiles and laughter.


I hope you have found these tips for beautiful wedding speech photography useful. To see more wedding photography tips take a look at my other blogs.