Guest hugging bride at Chiddingstone Castle

Natural Wedding Photography – Candid Photographs

Hugs and laugher and two of the things that I adore about weddings. There is so much happiness to photograph and everyone is smiling. This natural wedding photography is often what couples book me for so I wanted to tell you why I love to photograph candidly on a wedding day.


Wedding guest with baby and bride laughing at wedding


On your wedding day all of your most important people come together to celebrate your love. This will involve lots of hugging and kissing! It’s these heartfelt displays of emotion that I love to capture. These in-between moments become so important in the story of your wedding day.


Natural photograph of wedding guests at Chiddingstone Castle wedding Mother of the bride holding hat on wedding day at Stansted House, West Sussex


From my own wedding album it’s this natural wedding photography that I really treasure. I love to look back at the photographs of school friends giggling, family members deep in conversation and lovers stealing kisses when they thought no one was looking.


back view of bride at long dress at Stansted House wedding


I often showcase my couple portraits and detail photographs on my website and social media. However, natural, documentary style photography makes up a large portion of the photos that I deliver to my couples. I want your wedding photographs to bring back all the memories of the day when you’re thumbing through your wedding album.


Wedding guest drinking champagne at Chiddingstone Castle wedding


Weddings are about more than a dress, or the flowers. Weddings are about the people who mean the most to you. These very special loved ones who have known you through your life and will uphold and support your marriage. These are the people who bring the laughter and happy tears to your wedding. They create the atmosphere. These people are your VIPs and I believe the fun and sprit they add to your wedding day should be captured and treasured.


Wedding guests laughing at Chiddingstone Castle


I am often asked how I capture these fast paced, natural moments on film. The answer is 35mm! My beloved Canon 1V is my favourite camera for spontaneous and natural wedding photography. All of the photographs you see in this blog were taken on this awesome camera.


Wedding guests at outdoor wedding in garden


If you love natural wedding photography as much as me please do get in touch and we can chat more about your exciting wedding plans.