5 Ways To Look And Feel Natural On Camera – Natural Wedding Photography

Having you photograph taken can be a daunting prospect. Don’t worry, most people feel nervous in front of the camera but I’m here to help you look and feel natural when having your photo taken. I have got some easy natural wedding photography tips that will help you look your best, create photographs that you will love, and you might actually even enjoy it!
I have been photographing couples in love for over 7 years and in that time I have learnt how to flatter them on camera and make them feel relaxed. All of my lovely brides and grooms comment on how natural their photos look and that is what they love about my style of photography; real moments of connection to be treasured forever.

Tip 1 – Laugh!
I always try to get my couples chatting and laughing during their photographs as it helps them relax, connect and look authentic and happy in their images.
Natural wedding photography

Tip 2 – Move!
The first thing I ask any couple to do when photographing them is walk towards and away from me a few times. I find that movement really helps you feel comfortable on camera and feels so much more natural that anything too stiff and posed.
Natural wedding photography

Tip 3 – Touch!
Throughout your photos session I will ask you to be touching in some way at all times. Be it holding hands, linking arms or even something as subtle as slightly leaning on each other. Touch is such an important element of tenderness and romance, which is what I aim to portray in my images of you. Touching also makes you feel good and safe which will give you more confidence on camera.
Natural wedding photography

Tip 4 – Don’t hide your nerves!
It doesn’t matter if you feel a bit awkward, it doesn’t matter if you giggle, and these flashes of insecurity are so real and authentic and make for the sweetest, most supportive photographs of the two of you. So don’t try to hide those butterflies by keeping a straight face, let those giggles out and your confidence will grow as the session continues. And of course feel free to kiss and cuddle each other as much as you wish!
Natural wedding photography

Tip 5 – Time to breathe!
I always tell me couples to treat their photo session on their wedding day as a rare window of alone time on what is sure to be an incredibly exciting and busy day! I always give my couples space to catch up and have a moment of reflection during their photographs and move out of earshot so they can have some privacy. I am of course still snapping away but these distant photographs of your quite time are often some of my favourites as they are completely natural and truly capture the love between the two of you.
Natural wedding photography

In my experience these tips can help even the most nervous couples feel and look great in their wedding photographs. It gives me such pleasure to see my couples relaxing and enjoying their time together during their photographs and I feel even more pride when they love love love my natural wedding photography and hang their romantic photographs in their homes or choose them for their album.

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