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Celebrate Your Wedding Date

If you wedding has been postponed my heart goes out to you, it’s rubbish. However, putting some positive plans into place to celebrate your wedding date will help ease those feelings of sadness and disappointment. You can celebrate the date that should have been your wedding and reset the count down.

I have been in touch with my couples as their wedding dates come and go and they have given me some beautiful ideas to celebrate your wedding date. I wanted to share these with you and help you turn a day you’re dreading into one to look forward to.


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Dress Up

Most of us spend our days at home in a state of half dress at the moment. Your wedding date is a lovely excuse to really dress up and make yourself feel wonderful. Treat yourself to an indulgent preparation time, have a bath and a glass of fizz. You can wear your wedding perfume and perhaps your wedding jewellery to make your outfit really special.


table setting for wedding breakfast to celebrate your wedding date

Eat A Fancy Meal

Some of my couples have attempted to cook a replica of their wedding breakfast. But if you’re not great in the kitchen or simply can’t be bothered there are lots of high-end restaurants offering take away services. Pair your meal with an extravagant glass of wine. Set your table beautifully and enjoy some romantic time together.

Flower Power

You can still get hold of the seasonal flowers that were part of your wedding plan. Even better, contact your florist and ask them to put together a bouquet or table piece in the style of your wedding vision.


celebrate your wedding date flower arrangement


Play Your Wedding Playlist

Take some time to enjoy the tunes that you were planning to have playing at your wedding. One of my couples even performed their first dance, which I thought was such a lovely way to connect and commemorate the day.

Take Pictures

Even though it’s not the day you had planned, it’s still a very special day. As time goes by you will want to remember your ‘lock down wedding day’ so take lots of pictures. You can set your camera or phone to a self-timer so that you can be in them together. One of my couples sent me a beautiful photo that they took on their wedding date, which I’m sure they will be showing their children and grandchildren in the future.


couple kissing in the rose garden at Chiswick House


Share With Your Guests

We are so lucky to have so many means of connection so utilise them to connect with your guests. Everyone was looking forward to your big day so you can invite them to join in with your isolation celebration via video.


This day might be difficult and it’s completely ok to feel sad. However, the stories that I have heard from my couples so far have all be positive and heart warming. It is possible to celebrate your wedding date and make some beautiful memories.

I am here for all of my couples to offer support and also for anyone else who is going through this unprecedented disruption of your wedding day. Please do get in touch if you need to talk.

Love Camilla